According to a study conducted by Webtrends, the average traveler typically uses 6.5 devices and websites during the initial phase of planning a trip – and some may even use up to 38 websites during their search! Clearly a better information hub is needed for travelers, one that would provide verified, fresh and accurate information to all types of tourists. Wouldn’t it be great to offer travelers one central source that they can always rely on? And this is what we want to give to your tourists' hands!

Our project provides a complex set of tools for tourists - tourist web-based portalmobile application and tourist card. These tools ensure the comfortable stay in your country, full of added benefits. We are currently implementing our system in Slovakia.

Complex system

By the system is providing a web portal, mobile app and tourist card, you have everything a tourist needs for a full trip in one.

Smart system

The project has a comprehensive administration system, but it also has data from other tourist systems, ticket systems and hotel systems, to make itself Smart as possible.

The only official source of information

Tourists can be sure that your tourist system is the right and reliable source of travel information and it has all the necessary information.

Broad users’ rights

Several users who are responsible for their part, accommodation, or point of interest, can enter the system.

The most modern technology

The system is built on the latest progressive technologies and consulted with major world-wide organizations.


The system offers Big Data that will process and plot you into different graphs. This allows you to meet your visitors.


The Internet portal will allow tourists to plan their trip in the form of a clear itinerary. They can choose from points of interest, hotels, events or stock packages that tourists can filter according to their preferences and place them in favourites bar or in a trip planner, book entry tickets or accommodation, and then pay. Each tourist will compile a trip that is tailor-made to her interests.



In partnership with MasterCard, we created a unique tourist card that favor tourists and will become your important marketing asset. The card can be used for payments, collection of loyalty points, getting discounts and other benefits.

Tourists can purchase a new tourist card, however, they can also use payment cards they already have in their wallets. Thanks to the Token technology, the card can be used as an entry ticket, too. The card is multifunctional, so it can be used whenever the contactless technology is available (e. g. transportation, ski resorts, sport halls, hotels and many more).

The Tourist card system works with MasterCard, VISA and is created for Blockchain loyalty cryptocurrency.


In 2016, 65% of people owned smarthphones while applications are their standard components. Our tourist application extends the functionality of web portal and in addition, it provides the navigation to points of interest, a virtual guide, a hotel assistant, rating and possibility to share experience. Simply everything necessary to the smooth trip, as well as to encouragement of other tourists.



We provide a complex care to our clients. It includes consultations, impelementation and operation of the solution, as well as the proper support. Our experts will help you and your tourism organizations analyze, improve and optimize your marketing, user experience on your websites, marketing campaigns and design of your marketing mix, so you can attract as many tourists as possible to your destinations.


We will be flattered to see you among our clients. If you want to learn more about the project, you can contact us anytime without obligations.


National Tourist System is supported by well-known organizations and univeristy's Department of Tourism.


Would you like to create a uniform National Tourist System? If yes, don't hesitate to contact us! We are open to discuss the possible options in terms of mutual cooperation.

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